We appreciate the many businesses and individuals
who support Fairlee Community Arts!
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Foundation & Business Supporters

Become a foundation or business supporter! Contact FCA for more info.
Lake Morey Foundation logo
Woodland Vessels Pottery
Peyton Place Restaurant
Danen Builders
Newmont Farm
Sargent Artesian Wells
Lake Morey Resort
Ledyard National Bank
C.W. Gray & Sons
Valley Floors
Red Clover Bikes
Bargain Building Products
Chapman’s Store
Lo’s Bakehouse
Britton Lumber Company
Town of Fairlee

Friends of FCA

“Friends of FCA” are individuals who have given financial or in-kind donations to support the work of Fairlee Community Arts. Bold font indicates donation made during the current fiscal year (2022).

Charlotte Adams
Patty Armstrong & Fred Perkins
Bonnie & Arne Arnesen
Christopher & Beth Baine
Thayer Baine
Bruce & Claire Barbieri
Wayne & Christine Barlow
Beth Barrett
Joe Barrick
J. Blakeney Bartlett & Thomas Hough
Mary Becker
Marguerite Bissell
Peggie & Clint Bissell
Clyde Blake
Ed & Diana Bouquillon
Jae Brainard
Gary Brooks & Barbara Duncan
Steven & Lenore Brown
James Brundage
Joan Bullard
Martin & Mary Liz Burns
Cami Buster
Nanci & Steve Carstens
Marilyn Chapman
Robert Chapman
Nancy & David Charkes
Ray & Christina Clark
Miranda Clemson
Dan & Sally Coffin
Lance Colby
Chris Collin
Jim & Alice Collins
Russell & Therese Collins
Janice & Louis Comanducci
William & Lisa Crotty
Margaret Culver
Cynthia Cummings-Birch
Barb & Mike Curran
Tim Danen
Calista Diane
Penny Dinger
Bruce & Vera Dowler
Alice & Robert Doyle
Jay Dunlap & Jennifer Loros
Linda & William Dunnack
Bruce Durgin
Theda Farmer
Vicki Farrell
Frank Feist
William & Lynne Fitzhugh
Doug & Suzy Fraser
Carolyn Friedman

Gary & Elisa Gardner
Frank Feist & Sarah Gates
Lillian Gahagan
Tony & Melissa Gahagan
Herbert & Rebecca Gray
Arlene & Peter Guest
Fred & Kimberly Harmeyer
Mary Harris
Connie & Nick Harvey
Patricia Henderson
Hink Herrick
Michael & Donna Hutcheson
Joan Hylander
Leni Johnston
Matt & Olivia Jung
Preston & Virginia Kelsey

Holly Kenny & Robert Chapin
Michael Kiess
Denis Lambert & Elizabeth Wilson
Cyrie & Peter Lange
Barbara Lantery
Dana & Anne Low
Bill & Jane Lowery
Dan & Georgette Ludwig
Elaine & James Mahoney
Dewitt Mallary
Kathleen Mallett
J.P. Mangun
Renee Martin & David LeClerc
Sue Martin
Mary May
James & Mary McDade
Mary McGinnis
Betsey McGrath
Catherine McGrath
Daphne & Jamie McManus
William & Susan Minard
Louisa Moats & Steve Mitchell
Louisa Moats
Meredyth Morley
John Nininger
Richard & Robyn Noble
Travis Noyes
Dennis & Wendy O’Donnell
Lee Oberle
Sandra Smith-Ordway & Eugene Ordway
Horace & Rosemary Palmer
Vincent Pisegna & Dr. Barbara Philipp
Elizabeth Pierce
Clement & Michelle Powers
Stephanie Pregent
Trevor Pregent
Don Reed
Smith & Virginia Reed
Mark & Donna Richardson
Angelia Rorison
Kathleen Rorison & Larry Bassett
Annie Salinger

Thomas Sandler
Sally Gage & Ridge Satterthwaite
Rick Senn
Diane Sherman
John & Peggy Sherman
Margaret Sherman
Skip & Marilyn Sherman
Jeff Soyer
Ginger & David Stearns
Sam Strohl
Skip & Marilyn Sturman
Cornelia & Ron Suskind
Ivy Tabor
Bruce & Anne Taylor
Chris & Denise Taylor
Doug Tifft & Bonnie MacAdam
Juanita Titus
Laura & Neil Tucker
Martha Vetal
Noel Walker
John & Suzanne Ward
Richard Weale
Donald Weaver
Carol & Robert Wertheimer
Betty & John Wetzel
Justin Will
Barry & Dorothy Worfolk
Scott & Sharon Wright
Philip & Ann Zalinger

Fairlee Community Arts also extends a heartfelt thanks to the donors who have chosen to remain anonymous, as well as to the volunteers who give their time to the organization.

We would also like to acknowledge donors to our
production equipment campaigns (sound, projection, and lighting).

We are grateful to our past supporters (2017-2022)

AK Chix
Bargain Building Products
Barnyard Quilting

Ben & Jerry’s Foundation
Britton Lumber Company
Broken Hearts Burger
Brr-Mont Gallery

The Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation
Catamount Arts
Catamount Solar
Chapman’s Place
Colatina Exit

C.W. Gray & Sons
Danen Builders
Dead River Company
Fairlee Fit
Fairlee Marine & Recreation
Fairlee Public Library

Fogg’s Hardware & Building Supplies

Frost Gardens
Gladstone Creamery
Gnomon Copy

Harris Enterprises
Huggett’s Mart
Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation
Joe Hutchinson Hair Styles

Lake Morey Foundation
Lake Morey Protective Association
Lake Morey Resort
Ledyard National Bank
Lo’s Bakehouse

The Lunchbox Deli & Cafe
Lyme Green Heat
Mountain Graphics Photography

Newmont Farm
Northstar Fireworks
Odell Insurance Agency Inc.

Orford-Fairlee Lions Club
Perley Colby Inc.
Peyton Place Restaurant

Red Kite Candy
R.E.P. Fitness
Root 5 Farm

Samurai Soul Food
Sargent Artesian Wells
Silver Maple Lodge
Sweet ‘n Salty Rae’s

Tarm Biomass
Valley Floors Inc.

Vermont Wholesale Granite
Warm Hearted Hands

Wells River Savings Bank
Whippi Dip
Wings Market & Deli
Wild Hill Organics
Woodland Vessels Pottery

Zero by Degrees