For Program Committee to Consider

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For Program Committee to Consider

Post by Cathy » Fri Nov 30, 2018 10:06 am

Last night's Osher forum with Ben Kilham was a hit. The auditorium was almost full and the woman at registration found that folks had come from as far as Charlestown and Bath, NH. Mostly, attendees were from the north. This is powerful fuel for marketing to other organiations, is it not?

Take a look at Vermont Humanities First Wednesday lectures, October through May. Just the December list makes me want to go to every one that is listed. An opportunity for FCA?

So proud for all of you!

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Re: For Program Committee to Consider

Post by Denis » Sun Dec 02, 2018 4:54 pm

Thanks, Cathy. As I mentioned when I saw you the other day, I had actually contacted the Humanities Council last year about Fairlee being a venue for the First Wednesdays. Here's the response I got:


Dear Denis,

I’m the director of our First Wednesdays series. I so appreciate your enthusiasm for our programs. I know Fairlee; it’s a vibrant spot, and the work you’re doing to restore your historic auditorium sounds wonderful! Unfortunately, our First Wednesdays venues are fixed and have been for many years now. We hope they function as regional hubs, so that many Vermonters can attend our programs. Best venues for Fairlee, obviously, are Norwich and St. Johnsbury.

I wish we could expand, but funding is limited, and we are unable to. We’re obliged to stick with the current venues. I do thank you, from all of us, for your keen interest in our work. Very glad to know you enjoy these programs.

All best wishes,
Ali White

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