Concert on the Common – Bow Thayer Band

August 31, 2021 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Fairlee Town Common
75 Town Common Road

photo of Bow Thayer

Bow Thayer has been writing and singing songs for as long as he can remember. Making music is who he is. He has lived up to his “reputation as a sublimely gifted artist” by pursuing a creative vision that seeks to lead American music into the future. Finally gaining national recognition, American Songwriter says this “onetime Levon Helm compatriot is the best artist to come from New England in recent years.”

Bow made a name for himself in Boston with 7 League Boots, a rock/reggae band that shared the stage with the likes of Fugazi, The Mighty Might Bosstones, and Pearl Jam. Fifteen years ago he made a life-altering decision to leave the city for the Green Mountains of Vermont. It was there that he explored the Delta blues playing slide guitar for the original Elbow and began a relationship with the banjoboth in the bluegrass group, The Benders, and on his ownthat continues to this day.  Bow combined these instruments into the Bojotar, a hybrid he designed that incorporates elements of the banjo, resonator guitar, and conventional guitar and was sold in a limited run by Eastwood/Airline Guitar Company.  As No Depression puts it, “You want inventiveness….I offer Bow Thayer.”

Bow’s music is always evolving—from luscious, backwoods folk rock to the cosmic panoply on his most recent album, A Better Version of the Truth, that was co-produced and engineered by his longstanding musical partner and three-time Grammy winner, Justin Guip (Levon Helm).  Bow started writing the songs in 2015, even before the release of his tenth studio album, Sundowser.  But just two sessions into the demo recordings, drummer Jeff Berlin suffered several strokes that left him unable to continue.  Bow shelved the tracks until Jeff re-learned how to play, but upon re-visiting them a couple of years later, he decided to use most of the demos on the album.  Then another tragedy struck.  On March 31, 2018, Bow’s protégé and bassist, Alex Abraham, took his life with a rifle just a few doors away.  Nothing could have prepared Bow or his wife for what they witnessed. The grief remains nearly unbearable, the only solace being that many of his performances had been recorded.  A Better Version of the Truth is an unflinching testament to a unique and evolving artist who suffered silently, and showcases the fierce and extraordinary bass tracks he left behind.

While out on the road, Bow had the joy of introducing his music and the Bojotar to fans and friends alike, including some of his peers and heroes – Bela Fleck, Richard Thompson, James McMurtry, The Steep Canyon Ramblers and Warren Haynes.  Having played with these music luminaries as well as Levon Helm, John Hiatt, Booker T, and Ringo Starr, Bow has seen his fair share of travel and plans to do more while supporting his records that feature his tales, truths and fantasies about the human condition.  A full-time artist, Bow has devoted his life to spreading music wherever he goes and invites you to catch an earful.


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