The Green Man and the Snow Sister

..I heard leaves rustle. I turned and there it was. A Green Man. There are legends of them from many cultures and many ages, and I’d seen them depicted in many styles of art and architecture. They are kindly forest guardians seen to represent the cycle of growth that renews each year. I couldn’t believe my luck. The Green Man told me about Lake Morey, the Palisades, and the diverse creatures of the forest depend upon one another to survive…

The Vermont Arts Council has awarded Fairlee a $15,000 grant to install artwork in the I-91 underpass. FCA solicited portfolios from artists and from thirteen submissions winnowed down to four by a selection committee consisting of local artists and community members, one finalist was selected: artist Matt Heywood of The Image Farm, Middlebury, VT.

Matt will be working with the community over the next five to six months to finalize design and installation. We will be looking for volunteers to help with painting and installation so get in touch!

See the full proposal PDF (opens in a new tab)



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